Privacy Policy

It’s nice to visit a website that doesn’t track you or tries to sell you something you already have. We’ve all been there and are heartily sick of it

The DBA doesn’t do any of that as it’s too much like work

The DBA is very different.

He doesn’t use cookies of any kind, doesn’t track you and will never install hidden code such as facebook pixels or bitcoin miners. Well, at least without telling you anyway

It’s too much work for very little reward.

However WordPress, the software the DBA uses to manage this site may use cookies and this is something the DBA has limited control over.

If at any time when visiting this site you are prompted to enable an unreasonable amount of javascript ( I do post the odd youtube video so please forgive me) or ad tracking crap, please let me know and the offenders will be invited to a meeting with me, a baseball bat, a roll of carpet, bag of quicklime and an empty patch of moorland