About the DBA

The DBA first started his career many years ago when proprietary mini and mainframe computers were all the rage.

After a brief spell as an operator he quickly learned that that open systems, unix and databases paid better and that sharing an office with a huge fujitsu band printer wasn’t conducive to a good or sane working environment, or for that matter his hearing.  Over the years he’s been a unix admin, C programmer, DBA, Oracle consultant, Java programmer and even once held a proper job as a door to door salesman that almost lasted two days before he was fired for being too honest

The DBA is still a bit of a geek and is so sad he still collects operating systems with the vain hope of one day owning a VM running VMS.

The DBA does not like managers, politicians or millenials and genuinely believes you should need a licence to grow a beard. He also has a few strange ideas about goats but that’s best not discussed in public.

The DBA does not at the moment allow comments on this blog, mostly due to laziness as he works for a living and can’t be arsed to moderate them so if you want to send the DBA a message you can do it on old fashioned email by sending a message to